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travel & architecture

Greetings from Kyoto!

November 1, 2012


Geetings from the beautiful Kyoto! The city of a thousand temples! Here I am standing in Arashiyama (Bamboo grove). Visiting this park truly took my breath away.


Greetings from Tokyo

October 29, 2012


I am currently on a architecture trip in Japan and i’m head over heels with this beautiful place! Here I am standing in front of an amazing park named Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The view along the park was stunning!

Will post more pictures soon.


Looking up

October 17, 2012


Looking up seems so obvious, yet so few really do it and actually see.

Your looking at the glorious construction of the King’s Cross station in London renovated by John McAslan + Partners and opened to public in March 2012.

White on black

August 18, 2012


Black paper and a set of assorted charcoal sticks in grey shades.

Ultimate pleasure! 🙂

A dreamy place

August 13, 2012


Kent (South East England) is known as the garden of England and is truly a beauty-  full with history and heritage. I have always wanted to visit the white cliffs of Dover and this past Sunday I finally did! The cliffs form part of the British coastline facing France and reaches up to 110 meters of hight. I have never visited a place this peaceful before. Would you just look at that beauty!

Loft style living

July 30, 2012



I came across these mouthwatering visualizations of a (dream) loft created by Russian designer Maxim Zhukov and I could not help not to be absolutely amazed: 1. The fact that these images are illustrations and 2. What a wonderful designed space!

There is so much detail in these visualizations. Every square meter has been thoughtfully arranged to create a creative and fashionable loft space.

Check out the rest of the vizualizations here.

Preview: What i’m working on.

July 9, 2012


Just a small preview of something i’m working on at the moment. I’m having loads of fun drawing a friend of mine by using charcoal. It’s quite a challenge to actually draw what I see but as I look back and forward (while drawing) as often as possible I see improvements here and there.

I’ve decided to take a break before finishing the drawing and hope to complete it this week.

A Canterbury landmark.

July 6, 2012


I still can’t get over the fact that I live less than 15 minutes from this beautiful landmark of Canterbury.

Here I am standing in front of the gate which takes you to the Canterbury Cathedral established in 597 and rebuilt between 1070-1077.

My new favourite place.

July 6, 2012


I am enjoying (finally) having time to discover the oh so lovely Canterbury. My new favourite place to have a coffee, lunch, read a book and write is at a new chocolate cafe located in the heart of the city of Canterbury. The view of the 1000 year old Canterbury Cathedral is astonishing.

More of this, please.

July 6, 2012



Came across this picture I took a while ago of one of my (many) sketches and I must say I miss having a project to work on. (Yeah I know, I’m such a geek!)

This picture makes me think back of this past year, on how much I have learned and grown being a architecture student at The University for The Creative Arts. Such an amazing experience so far!

I’m having my summer break and ever since, I have been really creative. The past week I have enjoyed drawing together with a friend of mine using charcoal. I will post results soon!

In the next few weeks I am looking forward to working on my portfolio and expand my knowledge of design software.