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Sexy Berlin

October 31, 2011


I have visited the capital of Germany for an educational trip with my University and I have had an amazing time walking around and experiencing the different vibes of the city. Berlin is a young city compared to other European city’s and was founded in the 12th century. Divided in two after the war by the infamous Berlin wall. West Berlin was separated from East Berlin. Part of the experience of the city is the mix of Western half, which is more open and free and the chic vibe of old East Berlin.

Berlin screams creativity. Everywhere you look, graffiti decorates the city walls and open spaces are there for you to enjoy. I have visited all the architectural beauty’s on my ‘to see’ list such as:

The New National Gallery by Mies van der Rohe;
The Jewish Museum by Daniel Liebeskind (which was a unique experience);
The Reichstag which was rebuild by Foster + Partners;
The Brandenburg Gate also known as the landmark of Berlin/Germany;
Berlin’s TV tower where I discovered Berlin in 360 degrees and had dinner in a rotating restaurant at 206 meter high.

To name but a few.

Also had a great time with my classmates. This trip was a great opportunity to get to know everyone better. We stayed in a nice hostel which has a sky bar at the 7th floor with a nice view of Berlin. At the hostel we we’re surrounded by nice restaurants and great cafe’s.  I would definitely love to visit Berlin again in the summertime to experience the outdoor city life of culture and dining, party under the stars, open air events and seeing the city by bicycle.

Below I have attached pictures I took which presents the highlights of this wonderful trip to Berlin:

1. Cafe Cinema, the first cafe in West Berlin

2. Berlin Wall Memorial

3. The New National Gallery by Mies van der Rohe

4. The Jewish Museum by Daniel Liebeskind

5. Berlin’s TV tower

6. Chic apartments with lovely balconies in East Berlin

7. The Reichstag

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